Fertility Treatment 

Treatment for fertility can be very effective with a combination of acupuncture, diet and herbal medicine. I would go even further to argue that unlike in the Western tradition, Chinese Medicine goes further in comprehension of the natural laws which govern true health and therefore has a greater understanding of treating fertility issues. I consider this an area of specialism for myself, and am delighted to say I have had great success with patients who are struggling with fertility issues. 


In my own training I have further studied fertility issues and Chinese Gynaecology with Professor Shulan Tang of Nanjing University, who is Vice President of the World Federation of TCM Gynaecology and a highly regarded practitioner within the field of Chinese Herbal Medicine. (See 'Meet Vivienne' tab for more on my qualifications).

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Interestingly many patients who come to me for fertility treatment, do so when Western Medicine has seemed to fail them, and not as a first choice. Understandably, Chinese Medicine is to many in the West an alien tradition, stepped in mysticism, and many who come to me are surprised to realise the practical application, positive results and very real benefits. With regards to fertility, it has helped many conceive, stay pregnant to full term and give birth to a healthy child. For those trying for a child certain markers need to be improved before conception is possible. This goes for natural conception or those pursuing IVF treatment. It is particularly important to know about these rules for those going for IVF treatment, to help save money, time and stress. Without correcting any or all of these problems IVF success rates can be low for the majority of patients.

Proper preparations for 3-6 months before the start of IVF to correct any of these problems will greatly improve success rates. In addressing these issues a significant number of people will get pregnant during the process and not actually need IVF and those that do will have better results.

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Golden Rules for Treating Fertility Issues


If low metabolism is a problem, it needs to be increased. Feeling cold and tired may be a clue.


Blood flow to the ovaries may need to be improved. 


Any signs of inflammation and toxicity may need to be cleansed. Signs would include, skin problems and sometimes feelings of heat. 


Hormone levels may need to be increased and normalised. A Basal Body Temperature chart should show a good rise at ovulation and a long enough luteal phase. 


Any pain needs to be addressed, otherwise blood flow to the uterus is compromised and an embryo may not get enough blood supply to flourish.

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