Pain is a symptom of an underlying problem. It is usually caused by Blood Stagnation. Blood stagnates when it doesn't move freely throughout the body. There are a number of causes of this:

  1. Trauma due to an accident or surgery can cause the blood to move slowly in the affected area.

  2. A lack of nutrient rich blood can also slow down the movement of blood and cause pain.

  3. A lack of vital energy can cause the circulation of blood to slow down, as blood moves within the body propelled by energy.

  4. Too many pathogens, such as excess fluid, fat and accumulations, coldness and heat can also slow and impede the flow of blood and cause pain.

Back Massage

Acupuncture is a safe and very effective treatment for any kind of pain, and the end results can be miraculous. I have had patients come to see me who have suffered from chronic pain for decades, and through treatment have had their pain greatly reduced. Such is the power of our body's capacity for self-healing!

Acupuncture improves the flow and quality of our body's bio-electricity/life energy,otherwise known as 'Qi'.


Needles are not placed in the area affected by pain, but in various acupuncture points around the body, usually far away from the painful area, such as the arms and legs. The idea is to balance the pain problem by using points on the opposite side of the body and ideally as far away from the painful area as possible. 

I have found that balance acupuncture is a very effective form of treatment for pain, and so have my patients.  

Small, thin needles are tapped into the surface of the skin to encourage the movement and flow of Qi around the body and also through the painful area, thereby freeing up the stagnation of blood which has caused the pain. 


Acupuncture predates modern science by several thousands of years, yet it works along the same lines as the energy principles recognised in quantum physics.  Life is just animated, dense energy!


When it comes to the treatment of pain I use the Dr Tan and Master Tung acupuncture methods, both methods came to the UK from Taiwan, via the USA.

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