Chinese Herbal Treatment for Better Health

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Maintaining health requires a balanced body. Your symptoms will vary depending on how unbalanced your health is. Western medicine encourages us to seek treatment for illnesses that have progressed along a continuum. When the health problem is at the level of energy, it won’t show up on test results. Once problems show up on test results they have progressed to a serious stage where treatment is difficult. A great deal of energy is required to correct such problems and interventions such as surgery or treatments can have side effects and may struggle to work. Very strong treatments such as chemotherapy can drain the body of it’s vital energy making recovery difficult.

Herbs contain the energy and wisdom of the sun and universe. We grew out of the natural world, it is impossible for us to seperate ourselves from it. It contains everything necessary to keep us healthy and well if we respect it and endeavour to understand it.

Herbs work at the level of energy. As a result they work in a deep way to resolve health problems completely. Western medications attempt to stop symptoms rather than correct the underlying energy imbalance leading to the symptoms. Symptoms are a warning sign from the body that energy is unbalanced. By suppressing symptoms the warning sign is silenced while the underlying health imbalance remains and continues to worsen. Also, western medications have to be taken continuously to avoid symptoms returning. Once a health problem has been resolved with herbs, the treatment can be stopped as there will be no more symptoms.

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