Consultation & Treatment   |   1hr  |  £50      < All New Patients!

If you are a new patient and haven't had any treatment with me previously a longer consultation and slightly shorter treatment is needed.

Acupuncture  |   1hr  |  £40

For returning patients just wanting acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine  |   1hr  |  £60

For returning patients having a combined treatment of herbal medicine (a herbal prescription lasts 1-2 weeks depending on dosage) and acupuncture.

(please note any unusual prescriptions that need to be ordered will have the postage & packaging added onto this price)  

Payment - When + How

Book now and pay when you come for treatment. Cash and credit/debit card payments accepted.

What to Expect



There are some small changes to the regular appointment procedure and also a new consent form which will need to be read & signed before the start of treatment. To read in greater depth the Covid 19 procedure detail please  



The initial consultation involves evaluating your symptoms from a Chinese and Western medicine perspective.  This involves  asking questions and also a tongue and pulse diagnosis. Questions about general health e.g. sleep, appetite, general energy levels, etc. The Chinese medicine diagnosis is based on these findings. We will then discuss a course of action and treatment plan. 


It is important that you feel comfortable about the course of treatment and feel free to ask any questions you may have about the process. We will review how treatment is going as treatment continues.  Treatment is a process, it takes time to regain health. Chinese medicine is not a magic bullet. 

Please, also be aware that if you have been taking western medications for a long time, it may be difficult to help you with acupuncture.  The treatment may be ineffective when the western medications work against the acupuncture treatment.  Painkillers, short term antibiotics and medication necessary for survival such as thyroxine, insulin are the exceptions.  These do not usually affect treatment. Reducing any form of western medication should not be done without the help and consent of your doctor.

Herbal Medicine  

Herbal medicine will almost always comes in pill or powder form, with a prescribed daily dosage amount. Each herbal prescription lasts 1-2 weeks.


Needles are inserted with a quick and light tap. You probably won't feel the insertion.  When the needles are in a bit deeper you should feel a slight ache or electric sensation.  This is what we want!  The feeling is brief, after a few minutes you should feel very relaxed and possibly fall asleep!

Acupuncture takes time to work, therefore needles need to be left in for at least 30 minutes to have any effect.

What are the needles like?

The needles used are very thin stainless steel. They are fully sanitised, and disposed of after use

Woman Receiving Acupuncture

Is it painful?

Everyone has a different pain threshold, most people however are fine with the sensation of acupuncture. Sometimes it is felt as an ache or electric feeling, these sensations are very brief and followed by a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

However if you do for any reason feel uncomfortable we can alter treatment accordingly as there are various things we can do such as pull a needle closer to the surface. 

For treating pain, the method of acupuncture I use does not insert needles into the areas affected with pain, except as a one needle guide point. Rather various acupuncture points are used which balance the area of pain.  Often, these points are on the opposite side of the body.


Chronic health problems are treated bilaterally, usually on the lower arms and legs.  These points connect with the internal organs involved with certain illnesses and help to rebalance and repair their correct functioning.


Cancelation Policy

Please be aware that to cancel an appointment you must give a minimum of 24hr notice

To cancel or reschedule your appointment please email:  with your request.