Qi, The Energy of The Universe

Chinese Medicine works with our body's Qi or bioelectricity, an understanding of Qi is vital to understanding how Chinese Medicine works - so what is it?

Qi permeates the human body. Everything is made from energy, even modern physics agrees with this idea. When science looks into the building blocks of life, it finds energy and large amounts of space. Nothing is as solid as it seems. The basic building blocks of everything in nature, including our own bodies is made from energy.


Energy or Qi, is at the very heart of Chinese Medicine. Through thousands of years of direct observation and experience of Qi, Chinese Medicine has developed a great understanding of how it moves and functions in the body. This understanding makes Chinese Medicine such a successful healing system.

Qi allows all things to communicate with each other. Qi carries information which helps our bodies to circulate information in our meridians or energy channels.

Qi promotes health and healing.  Without it there can be no growth and no change. When we die, Qi leaves the body and is transformed.

Ancient Meridians

Think of Meridians as "pathways of energy" or a network constantly distributing energy within the body - not to be confused with the circulatory system. 

Acupuncture old book
Acupuncture close up

Acupuncture - The Art of Manipulating Qi.

Very thin needles are tapped into the surface of the skin and are used to redirect, encourage or stem Qi in different areas of the body.

Viewed from the Chinese perspective, health problems are always treatable as long as the body has enough Qi.

Energy flows continuously through meridians which are pathways of Qi. Meridians also transfer information between different organs. When Qi flows freely we are in a good state of health. When Qi stops flowing properly we will start to feel unwell.  The smooth flow of energy around the body is particularly affected by stress.

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